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At Angel Advocates, we are dedicated to assisting you whenever and wherever we can, so we have combined our efforts to give you one place to go to give yourself peace of mind for almost every aspect of your life.  Our areas of assistance is listed below.  If you need assistance beyond what you see listed, feel free to contact us and we can help you find a professional that can assist you.

  • Medicare Insurance Assistance – As an independent insurance agent, I can assist you with the following:
    • Medicare Part A & B application assistance
    • Medigap and Prescription Drug application assistance
    • Annual Review of current plans
  • Application Assistance
    • Social Security
      • Disability
      • SSI
      • Retirement
      • Survivor Benefits
      • Medicare
      • Medicare Extra Help
    • As a Legacy Planner, I can assist you in completing your Family Love Letter
      • Comprehensive Book that creates a roadmap for your loved ones
        • Fills in the gaps
        • Allows your family to celebrate your life, rather than stress over your affairs
    • Affairs Closure Process
      • Locate documents
      • File for benefits
      • Make phone calls
      • Write letters