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Read how we’ve helped our past clients

Terry O’Brien

I want to thank you for exposing me to Angel Advocates. I had no idea what was all involved when you started telling me about your business concept. Wow was I surprised!

I would never have thought about all the necessary documents that my family or any individual has or should have in the event something happens such as a death or debilitating illness. I know I didn’t have any of my personal documents Read more…

Ronda Woods

I’m writing this to let you know how much Renae Polensky helped me when my husband passed away and then again when I was diagnosed with cancer.

When my late husband was diagnosed with gleoblastoma multiform brain cancer, Renae helped me with all the paperwork to get him on disability, she also helped us to fill out the papers we needed to get his cancer policy working so Read more…

Fran Johnson

In Jan 1999 my mother-in-law passed away unexpectedly. There was no will, and not knowing what her wishes were or what we needed to do, Renae Polensky came to our rescue and guided us in legal and personal ways to take care of all of mom’s affairs. Without her we would have been in dire despair. She put us in touch with the right people to get us in the right Read more…

Greg & Renee Townsend

Renae helped us create our Family Love Letter. Working with her was enlightening. She helped us see so many areas of our lives which we’d missed. It prompted us to address the issues we’ve neglected, so we can prepare for our children’s futures. With her assistance and direction, we’ve gathered our important documents and stored them in a safe place. Read more…