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In Jan 1999 my mother-in-law passed away unexpectedly. There was no will, and not knowing what her wishes were or what we needed to do, Renae Polensky came to our rescue and guided us in legal and personal ways to take care of all of mom’s affairs. Without her we would have been in dire despair. She put us in touch with the right people to get us in the right directions to get things settled.

Another time when Renae Polensky came to my rescue was May 30, 2006, when my husband passed away from lung cancer. Even though there was a will there was so much to be taken care of, funeral preparations, taking care of the wishes in the will, his retirements and social security benefits. Renae helped me get situated with a life of being on my own.


Frances L Johnson

Fran Johnson
I’m writing this to let you know how much Renae Polensky helped me when my husband passed away and then again when I was diagnosed with cancer.

When my late husband was diagnosed with gleoblastoma multiform brain cancer, Renae helped me with all the paperwork to get him on disability, she also helped us to fill out the papers we needed to get his cancer policy working so we could pay the out of pocket medical costs. When he passed away she helped me by contacting all of our bills we owed to get my options for taking care of them. Renae also helped me fill out the forms to file for his life insurance, and reminded me of the things I needed to transfer into only my name, such as insurance policies, vehicles, and utilities.

A year and a half later I was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. Again Renae came to my rescue. I could not have managed without her. Renae knew all the places I needed to contact to keep my insurance policies going and also get most of my premiums waved. She also helped me with getting disability and filing for retirement from Kentucky Retirement Systems.

Throughout all of this she was not just telling me what forms to fill out or who to contact. She made numerous phone calls to companies for me and walked me through step by step filling out forms. She also help me organize everything so that when people called me I knew where the papers I needed were.

Thank you,

Ronda L. Woods

Rhonda Woods
I want to thank you for exposing me to Angel Advocates. I had no idea what was all involved when you started telling me about your business concept. Wow was I surprised!

I would never have thought about all the necessary documents that my family or any individual has or should have in the event something happens such as a death or debilitating illness. I know I didn’t have any of my personal documents in any order, and in fact it took me several hours to gather them all together, so I could go through them and determine which ones were viable and which ones weren’t. I had several insurance policies that I had to contact my agent on, as some of them were no longer in effect. I can’t imagine the headache that could have caused my estate ifl hadn’t put everything in order.

Also, I was surprised when you asked me who was going to take care of my dog ifl were to die. I never gave that a thought. I also know several individuals who have cash, gold and silver
stuffed in safety deposit boxes that no one knows about. Without your help, people in those
situations could possibly lose thousands of dollars.

I will tell everyone I know about your business. Again, thank you for exposing me to Angel


Terry O’Brien

Terry O'Brien
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