I want to thank you for exposing me to Angel Advocates. I had no idea what all was involved when you started telling me about your business concept. Wow was I surprised!

I would never have thought about all the necessary documents that my family or any individual has or should have in the event something happens such as a death or debilitating illness. I know I didn’t have any of my personal documents in any order, and in fact it took me several hours to gather them all together, so I could go through them and determine which ones were viable and which ones weren’t. I had several insurance policies that I had to contact my agent on, as some of them were no longer in effect. I can’t imagine the headache that could have caused my estate if I hadn’t put everything in order.

Also, I was surprised when you asked me who was going to take care of my dog if I were to die. I never gave that a thought. I also know several individuals who have cash, gold and silver
stuffed in safety deposit boxes that no one knows about. Without your help, people in those
situations could possibly lose thousands of dollars.

I will tell everyone I know about your business. Again, thank you for exposing me to Angel


Terry O’Brien