Logo 3 MaroonRegardless of what phase of our lives we are in – parent, child, sibling or favorite aunt or uncle – at some time in our lives, we are faced with the challenges related to our or a loved one’s incapacity or death. The problems are many and the solutions are few. So we are here to help you make sure your loved ones have as much information as possible.

Each of us will leave a legacy. Will it be a legacy of confusion or of information? Will we add to the trauma of our death or incapacity by adding to its inherent confusion, or leave a road-map to those who follow? Will we leave a Legacy for the Living – of the stories, hopes and desires for our family?

The Family Love Letter is a gift – of time, love, and clarity….It is a comprehensive book that leaves your family with the knowledge of how to find your professional advisors; where your investments, insurance, and other assets are held; what employee or retiree benefits you’re entitled to; where to find information on trusts, power(s) of attorney, citizenship, military records, burial information, or business ownership; your plans for a special-needs family member; where to locate pass-codes to your computer/software, information regarding your pets, and which philanthropic organizations hold a place in your heart.